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Classic Retreat February 10th-17th 2018

Classic Walk your Talk Retreat

Uncover your gold and shine again, with this nurturing, life balancing, and transforming 7 day
Classic Walk Your Talk Retreat.


Why choose a Classic Walk Your Talk Retreat?

Welcome to our Classic Walk Your Talk Retreat, which has become a launch-pad to falling in love with yourself and your life again. Choose this retreat if you are feeling unfulfilled, jaded, at a crossroads in life, or simply need a little ‘me’ time.

Ever thought “there’s got to be more to life than this?” For many of us, our busy lives have consumed our adventurous dreams, and we find ourselves aimlessly wandering through life living with routine drudgery. We have stopped listening to our inner guide.

Sometimes we need an MOT. This multi-disciplinary programme will put you in contact with your energy, vitality and support you in making the lifestyle and personal changes that are necessary for you to be true to yourself and follow your heart’s desire. The playful process of the Classic Walk Your Talk Retreat will put a smile on your face and put you back on track with youthful vigour.


The Classic Walk Your Talk Retreat is a cleverly structured, multi-disciplinary programme to enable self-examination, self-expression and change, in a safe and supportive environment.

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What will I be doing on the Classic retreat?


Relaxation keeps you healthy, protects your heart, improves your memory, and releases emotional turmoil. Learn how to develop it and use it for your benefit, it makes you feel great and is the essential ingredient to accessing your awareness.

Get Mindful

Access your awareness and learn to observe yourself without criticism and judgement, develop compassion for yourself and others. See your magnificence and expand.

Let Go

Unblock & understand energy, lighten your load and free your potential to receive your gifts.


Connect with the deepest and wisest part of yourself and find the answers you seek. Fill your heart with gratitude, embrace your power, appreciate your potential, and share your gifts.


Embrace your magic and Live fearlessly to create the life you love.

Let go and live with your Classic Walk Your Talk toolkit


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The Classic retreat uses the six-step ‘Alchemy for Life’ programme, which transforms the way you experience life and supports you in living your fullest potential every day. It’s structured in two parts: part one focuses on your liberation and part two focuses on manifesting your dreams. Over the course of a week you will be guided to explore, re-discover and manifest your vision of yourself with the support and guidance of qualified and like-minded people. You will be building sand castles, dissolving blockages, and splashing around in your creative potential.

The ‘Alchemy for life’ programme is based on Vanessa’s journey of transformation whilst travelling India. See Vanessa’s story here.

Beautiful and relaxing walk your talk retreat

You will develop and understand the importance of relaxation

Experience how beneficial it is to your health, heart, happiness and all you create. At the Walk your Talk retreat everything is done with ease. We focus on the importance of ‘quality relaxation’ time. This is essential for you to hear your voice, for your dreams to arise, and your health to flourish. Ease into letting go by releasing limiting beliefs and old patterns making way for the new.

Many of us ‘play it safe’. We take the sensible option and end up spending time on things that don’t make us happy. Change doesn’t have to be frightening if we relax into our potential. Relaxation keeps you healthy, protects your heart, improves your memory and releases emotional turmoil. Connect and use it for your benefit, it makes you feel great and without it you cannot access your awareness.

Read Jackie’s relaxing experience in her article from the Western Morning News.

mindfulness walk your talk retreats

You will develop the skill of mindfulness with Vipassana Insight meditation

Learn to observe yourself without criticism and judgement, develop compassion for yourself and others. If practised regularly you will notice long-term changes in mood, levels of happiness and wellbeing. Mindfulness positively affects the brain patterns underlying anxiety, irritability and depression. You can notice when they arrive and dissolve them more easily. Take this home with you, you can be mindful with any action you do.

Download and listen to our free guided meditation: Heart Opening Meditation

shamanic journey walk your talk retreat

You will use Shamanic Journey meditation to hear and trust your authentic voice

You will be discovering creative answers to life’s important questions with Shamanic Journey Meditation. It’s a true heart-opener. It shows you how to connect with the deepest and wisest part of yourself and find the answers you seek. You can discover creative answers to life’s important questions, gain access to this vast well of knowledge and relax, self- assured in your ability to care for yourselves and your loved ones.
You will develop trust in your choices and your connection with yourself and your life.

Chi Gong Walk Your Talk Retreats

You will use Qi Gong to connect and play with energy

Discover how to use and connect with energy for physical, mental and spiritual health. We specifically combine Yoga, Reiki and Qi Gong on the retreat because you learn to understand how energy works by accessing it in different ways. Practise techniques to take charge of how you feel. Learn how to use your breath to anchor yourself in the present moment and change your emotional state quickly, show up to life feeling safe.

When practised daily all of these areas remove a little bit of dimness from our vision and heart. They bring balance to our lives. we are inspired by our magnificence, we can be with our darkness, express our joy, create our dreams and live love.

walk your talk program yoga on the retreat

You will practise Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra

You will explore the philosophy, theory and practice of Classic Yoga and psychology. You will cover the eight limbs of yoga practice, encouraging you to support your connection with yourself and the universe, in the true Walk your Talk style- hands on. Yoga Nidra is a deep meditation technique allowing you to reach the deepest possible state of relaxation and balancing body and mind.
The Yoga is suitable for beginners and will give them a strong foundation to develop from, as well as more advanced practitioners who wish to deepen their practice.

Download Vanessa’s Yoga Nidra Meditation here.

Watch  some yoga at the retreat here
reiki retreat 2017

You will be taught and attuned to First Degree Reiki Healing

Included in the Walk your Talk Classic Retreat week is also the Reiki level 1 Practitioner course (worth £220) plus the Reiki manual and individual attunement. First degree Reiki focuses on self-healing. You will gain an introduction to the philosophy, history, and theory of Reiki, and its loving and powerful energy. You will be able to activate and feel the energy flow of Reiki, and be able to give treatments to family and friends, as well as using it for self-healing, spiritual and personal development.


Read our “What is Reiki” blog here.

See our Reiki courses in the UK here.

Laughter at the walk your talk retreat

You will explore your creative side with laughter and play

Those nasty little stress hormones that suppress our immune system are dissolved with a healthy dose of laughter. Your blood pressure and circulation is improved, as is the balance of your thyroid gland. Create a life you love; when we create we connect with the life flow, which is an endless form of abundance. You can tell a new story, feel a renewed passion and inspired purpose in life.

The outline of a typical day on the Classic Retreat – timings may vary

7-8.30 am – The Alchemy for Life  Classic Programme (Yoga)
8.30-9.30 am – Breakfast
9.30 am -1 pm -The Alchemy for Life  Classic Programme (Meditations, Qi Gong, Reiki…)
1.30-2.30 pm – Lunch

Your afternoons are free for you to visit the backwaters, shake hands with an elephant, take in the local Theyyam Festival or nurture yourself with yet another Ayurvedic massage. The choice is yours, be prepared for a wholesome experience.

(Please note there is no Mask work or Osho Meditation Day on this retreat – choose the Creatively Conscious Walk Your Talk Retreat for those).

Outline of a typical day



I am just getting over this illness I’ve had for many many years, and when the doctors saw me there was no hope, “you can’t get better.”Mano & Vanessa have shown me it doesn’t have to be that way. They showed me a different way of life, I also look at life in a different way. Slowly but surely my eyes were opened wide, and I started to see things in a totally different light, it’s a fantastic feeling, truly amazing, so thank you Vanessa thank you Mano. (Craig)

Read more of Craig’s transformational story here.

Practical Information

the venue walk your talk retreats

Where will you be staying?

Our Venue offers a long stretch of white sandy beach. The secluded beach house in Kerala is surrounded with green coconut palms, which seduce you to fall in love with this tranquil haven. A panoramic view of the Arabian Sea is the perfect backdrop to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. You can always find the perfect spot for meditating, reading, swimming or just watching the sea. The energy is nurturing and soothing with a cool breeze to clear the mind.
The beach is a hub of rare marine birds, dolphins and hermit crabs, and is a paradise for bird watchers. The spectacular lush green pathways, lined with cashew, banana, coconut and mango trees only serves to enhance the enchantment. The retreat venue promises bright sun, white sand and blue skies and is the perfect place to nurture yourself.

Want to stay longer?

It’s easy to book extra days at the venue. Please ask us when booking your retreat and we will put you in contact with Nivedh the owner or contact him directly here.

accommodation at walk your talk retreats


You can either choose a single (limited amount), or sharing deluxe or superior room. Both are lovely, spacious rooms, the only difference between the two is size and location – the superior is a little closer to the main venue, but both are situated a few feet from the beach and have incredible sea views. All rooms are en suite, with modern western style bathrooms, storage space for clothing and large beds. Book here

Sharing Deluxe Room:

Price £1320
Early bird discount £1220
Loyalty Love discount £1150

Single deluxe Room:

Price £1570
Early bird discount £1470
Loyalty Love discount £1420

Sharing Superior Room:

Price: £1420
Early bird discount £1320
Loyalty Love discount £1270

Single superior Room:

Price: £1670
Early bird discount £1570
Loyalty Love discount £1520


Payment Options

  • Book before 9th September 2017, pay in full, and benefit from the discounts.
  • Make two payments: The first payment is made at the time of booking and the final payment is made ten weeks before your holiday.
  • Make a one payment for the full amount

What’s included in the price?

All accommodation:

Choose from sharing or single, deluxe or superior rooms.

All food and drink, teas and coffees

( 3 freshly cooked meals a day, excluding alcohol)
There is also the offer of free pick-up from the airport. Please make arrangements to arrive on the morning of the retreat start date to benefit from this and let us know your flight details.

The Walk your Talk Retreat program:

You will receive the Alchemy for Life Guidebook, plus a fully integrated practical program including: a daily morning practice of Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, creative opportunities & discussions, Shamanic Journey, Yoga Nidra. Plus the Reiki Level 1 course, a fire ceremony, sand play and many opportunities for you to explore, listen to, and nurture yourself.

What’s not included?

Airport transfer back home (a taxi can be booked for around £30 to the local airport)
Personal one to one sessions (they can be booked separately with Vanessa)

Please note:

Included in the Walk your Talk Classic Retreat week is also the Reiki level 1 Practitioner course (worth £220) plus the Reiki manual and individual attunement. Plus the Yoga lectures and practical Yoga course.

Contact us here for more info

Keralan Cuisine at walk your talk retreats


The venue is renowned for its superb Keralan cuisine, of which there is always an abundance with plenty of choice. All of the food is included in the price of the retreat and there is something for everyone, from authentic Keralan dishes to the latest catch of the day.

Vegetarian and gluten free options are available. You will receive three main meals per day, plus freshly brewed coffee, tea or juice. Please note wine/beer is available but not included in the price.

Example menu

Breakfast – Choose from a selection of fresh fruits, omelette or scrambled egg, toast, traditional Keralan breakfast, fruit juice and freshly brewed coffee or tea.
Lunch – Fresh fish, rice, selection of vegetables, curry, bread, fresh fruit or Keralan dessert. Freshly brewed coffee or tea.
Dinner – Fresh fish, prawns, crab, chicken, rice, selection of vegetables, curry, breads, fresh fruit or Keralan dessert. Freshly brewed coffee or tea.

How to get to us?

We advise people to fly into Calicut airport (CCJ), North Kerala; it’s the closest to the venue and we provide free pick-up from there on the morning of the retreat start date. Etihad and Qatar airlines do good deals on flights via either Abu Dhabi, or Doha respectively.

We ask people to arrange their flights to arrive on the morning of the retreat start date if they want to book the free pick-up, otherwise you can get a pre-paid taxi from the airport or we can arrange one for you at the usual local cost, which is around £30 and takes around 2-3 hours depending on traffic.

You will need a tourist visa for India.
You can get:

1- a regular tourist visa to India here.

2- or an e-visa (e-tourist visa) here – please check your arrival airport before applying for this visa. You can apply for this e-visa up to 4 days before departure and it is probably easier to apply for than the other regular visa as everything is done online – remember that you will need to print out your form and take it with you.

To find flights to Callicut(CCJ) (also known as Khozikode) we recommend It is a reliable website which gives you lots of choice.

India Retreat Booking Form

Retreat date

Select room


First name







Home telephone number

Mobile number

Your Email

Date of birth

Please read the Terms and Conditions

Yes I have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions

Booking is simple

  • Email us and confirm availability for your selected retreat and room
  • Fill out the booking form and confirm with payment.
    You can make your payment via bank transfer or via Paypal.

After your booking has been confirmed you will be send an information pack with all the details you need for your flights and the visa application.

Payment Options

  • Book before 9th September 2017, pay in full, and benefit from the discounts.
  • Make two payments: The first payment is made at the time of booking and the final payment is made ten weeks before your holiday.
  • Make a one payment for the full amount

How can I benefit from the Early Bird & Loyalty Love Discounts?

Book this retreat before the 9th September 2017 to benefit from the Early Bird or Loyalty Love discount prices. If you have been to one of our retreats before, you qualify for the Loyalty love discount.
Receive Early Bird discount £100 or Loyalty Love Discount £150 when you make the full one off payment 5 months before the retreat starts.


There is a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the final price you pay for your retreat place.
Cancellation four months or more before the start date of the retreat: 50% non refundable.
Cancellations four months to ten weeks: 75% non refundable.
Cancellations within ten weeks of the date: 100% non refundable.
In the event of our cancellation we will give you a 100% refund.

photo of Vanessa j Tucker

Vanessa Tucker

Vanessa is an experienced teacher, healer, and Creative facilitator. She has written and created the Alchemy for life, the Creatively Conscious and the Good Vibrations retreat programmes and is director and co-founder of Walk your Talk Retreats, which has become a launch-pad to loving your life and yourself. Vanessa has distilled practical principles from her experiences and combines ancient spiritual practices with contemporary psychological techniques to enable us to dismantle the illusions of life and live fearlessly from our hearts. Read Vanessa’s story of transformation here.
She will be your guide through the core of the Walk your Talk programmes.
Qualifications & Experience: Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Educator & Performing Arts Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist.
More about Vanessa on the About us page here.

Mano Guillemot

Mano is co-founder of Walk Your Talk Retreats with Vanessa. He is an experienced Chi Gong facilitator and will guide you through gentle exercises to strengthen your body and mind, in the practice of the Chinese Healing Arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan.
He realised the powerful influence of regularly connecting with Qi energy after staying healthy with a long chronic illness.
Qualifications & Experience: Crystal healing, Cheng Man-Ch’ing Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Hua Gong, Qi Gong.
More about Mano on the About us page here.

Teachers to be confirmed


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Walk your Talk Retreat

Date: 10th to 17th February 2018

Location: Kerala | India

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