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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Uncover your Gold

All journeys must begin with one small step…

Walk Your Talk Retreats was born from noticing the gold through the crack – taking the first step of following the dream, transforming the voice that says “I can’t” and trusting in life again. It now supports people in uncovering their gold.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful golden Buddha, it was happy and connected to all. One frightful day the local villagers heard they were to be invaded, they hurriedly covered the Buddha in clay to protect it, they believed it would be destroyed along with their village. Many, many, many, years passed. Then, one night a storm brewed, the head monk who worshiped the clay Buddha rushed to check on it, he saw a tiny crack reflecting an incredible golden light. He called for help, and carefully chiseled at the Clay, all through the long night. Finally, the sun rose revealing the Golden Buddha, in all its glory, once again.


Vanessa J Tucker

photo of VanessaVanessa is a, teacher, healer and spiritual author. She is founder of The Walk your Talk Experience Program and Director and co- founder of Walk your Talk Retreats, which has become a launch-pad to loving your life and yourself. Vanessa has distilled practical principles from her experiences and combines ancient spiritual practices with cutting edge psychological techniques to enable us to dismantle the illusions of life and live fearlessly from our hearts.
Vanessa’s healing journey started from a point of crisis, which lead her to ask the question, “What would I do if I had six months to live?” Her answer asked her to embark on a journey of enlightenment, which became a spiritual pilgrimage to self-love and empowerment. Travel and India was a huge catalyst for this. She spent time with Indian Masters, Guru’s and Sadhu’s, became a Reiki Master and experienced great insight from extensive spiritual practice. Yet, it was the everyday reflection, adventure, courage, trust and acceptance in herself that brought enlightenment and awakening.
Vanessa travels frequently throughout the UK and India continuing to Walk her Talk, facilitating workshops, courses and retreats and sharing her knowledge and experiences. Her friendly and fun-loving approach has supported many in their quest for healing, transformation and clarity.

Vanessa has spent over 15 years as an educator and therapist and now spends her time applying her extensive experience inspiring both children and adults alike to Walk their Talk on a daily basis. Vanessa is currently writing her flagship book of Spiritual Fairytales enquiring into the myths and illusions of universal experience and rewriting the modern dream.

Vanessa is an advocate of ‘practising what she preaches’. She adores mindful travel and has spent the past eight years traveling India extensively as a solo female. She is an avid love activist, “be what you love and love what you do”. The role of creativity is a central theme to her personal healing and her photography and jewellery designs can be found on her website

Vanessa Tucker: BA. Hons PGCE. INLPTA/IAAPT NLP Practitioner. ABH Cert. Reiki Master, Bodhidharma Institute of Meditation, International school of Healing Arts. Advanced Hypnotherapist. INLPTA/IAAPT NLP Diploma. Crystal Healing Diploma.

You can read Vanessa’s full transformation story here.

Mano Guillemot

photo of Mano GuillemotMano is co-founder of Walk Your Talk Retreats which has become a launch-pad to loving your life and yourself. He facilitates connecting with your own vital energy to let go, heal and transform based on his many years of experience and exploration of Taoist Healing arts (Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan) and crystal healing. Mano is a fully trained Crystal Healer (MICCH), a self taught website builder, a passionate cook and an avid traveller. In 2015 he started Walk you Talk Publishing with the first publication of the Happy Cards.

He realised the powerful influence of regularly connecting with Qi energy when it helped him live a healthy life when affected by a chronic illness. He teaches Qi Gong exercises on the retreat as part of the programme and support all in their endeavour to transform for the better.

He spends his life divided equally between India and the UK where he runs The Salcombe Crêperie in Devon for six months of the year.

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