Vanessa Tucker

Walk Your Talk Retreats was born from following a dream, transforming the voice that says, “I can’t” and trusting in life once again. Taking this step led to us uncovering our gold - a wealth of wisdom, personal and spiritual power, and unique gifts to share with the world.

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step." Naeem Callaway

Walk your Talk Retreats is your chisel supporting you to uncover your gold; take back your power, recognise your authentic beauty, and live life like it’s golden!

Meet the Team


Vanessa Tucker

Vanessa is a teacher, shamanic healer and artist. Author of 'The Art of You' (due out soon) and founder of Alchemy Healing and Walk your Talk Retreats, Workshops and Courses. Vanessa’s teachings and intuitive insights inspire audiences globally; where she supports people to heal themselves, discover their potential, and create lives they love. The nature of her work is heart-centred, spirit-led and transformative.

She is creator and writer of all the Walk your Talk programmes and has distilled practical principles from her personal and professional experiences and combines ancient spiritual practices with contemporary psychological techniques to enable us to dismantle our illusions, follow the path of our heart, and create the life of our dreams.

Vanessa’s healing journey started from a point of crisis, which lead her to ask the question, “What would I do if I had six months to live?” Her answer asked her to embark on a journey of awakening, which became a spiritual pilgrimage to self-love and empowerment. Travel and India was a huge catalyst for this. She spent time with Indian Masters, Guru’s and Sadhu’s, became a Reiki Master and experienced great insight from extensive spiritual practice. Yet, it was the daily reflection, adventure, courage, trust and acceptance in herself that brought awakening. This led Vanessa to create Walk Your Talk Retreats and provide a space for others to heal and answer their creative calling.

Vanessa has spent over 20 years working as an artist, teacher and healer and travels frequently throughout the UK and India facilitating workshops, courses, and retreats and sharing her teaching programmes, knowledge and experiences. Her caring, intuitive and fun-loving approach has supported many in their quest for healing, transformation, clarity and creativity.

Vanessa holds a PGCE in English and Drama, a BA Hons degree in Drama, Psychology & English Literature. She is a qualified and experienced Drama & English Teacher, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Actor and Hairstylist. Her photography and jewellery designs can be found on her website. Workshops, training & one to one healing can also be booked through her website.


Mano Guillemot

Mano realised the powerful influence of regularly connecting with Qi energy after maintaining good energy levels while on a long chronic illness and now helps others to do the same. He spends his life divided equally between India and the UK where he runs The Salcombe Crêperie in Devon.

Mano also build websites such as this one, under the name of Walk Your Talk Creations.

As well as teaching us to generate energy with Chi Gong we are also hoping Mano will cook us some of his delicious French Crêpes on the retreat...