The authentic creative course for stylists and creative

The Creative Health Course for stylists and creative London course The Creative Health Course for stylists and creative London course

The Creative Health Course

Unleash your cosmic creative power on the Creative Health Course a bespoke course designed for Stylists and Creatives.

“Vanessa is a gifted teacher and healer, I think she is a magician!" Kayleigh

How is your creative health? Do you continually have to create on demand? Are you compromising on your creativity? Do you doubt your creative capability and second guess your work?

You need to do this specialist course designed specifically for Stylists and Creatives!

All of the Walk Your Talk courses are taught in a friendly, relaxed and personal style. There is plenty of time built in for self-reflection, questions, and to get to know the other students.

Why choose The Creative Health Course?

Two words - Creative Health. No matter how cutting edge your work is - if you are not putting back what you are giving out - your creative well runs dry. As Stylists and Creatives, you spend your days making other people look and feel great and have the added pressure of creating trends others will want to wear. All of this while managing hectic columns, staffing issues and tight deadlines. It’s easy to forget about you and for your work to become a mere imitation of what you are capable of.
When was the last time you made the space to inspire yourself, fill up your well, and go beyond your comfortable creative boundaries?
"This course is sublime and totally wild! I was taken on a journey to find my Creatrix and it turned up as a large black angel figure and showed me how I had been selling myself short and operating unconsciously. I hope to go into this altered state and summon them whenever I have a new collection to create as well as for personal issues." An excited student, Craig London.

Course details:

The course offers you space and opportunity to discover your authentic creative voice. Combining her backgrounds in hair, theatre, therapy and education, Vanessa designed the course to meet the exclusive needs of Stylists and Creatives everywhere.

An energy healer for over ten years, Vanessa's work is shamanic in nature, spirit-led and holistic. She’s a key player in the spiritual and personal development movement, and her new book The Art of You will be published by O Books in Spring 2019.

All courses are approached with integrity, compassion and love, ensuring high standards and creating a space for an enquiring meeting of hearts and minds. Free post course support for all our students.

The course will cover:

The course will take you on a journey into the heart of your creative fire. You will get the opportunity to:

• Tap into the wisdom of your Inner Artistic Team: Meet your spirit guides, power animals, angels and Muse.
• Explore your Cosmic Kitbag: understand how to combine; creative intent, shamanic journey, breath work, meditation and more, to support your creative and personal life.

• Create your signature ‘Feel’ – learn how to work with your energetic body to produce authentic creative energy to use in your work, life and play!
• Find Your Iconic Self and understand the energetic imprint your creative work makes on the planet.

The Creative Health Course focuses on your creative energy and takes you on a journey through altered states of consciousness to work with it. Places limited to 20 students.

Where & When:
Arrive 9.45 am for 10 am start, 5 pm finish. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion/blanket for your comfort and a packed lunch.Tea and coffee provided.
The Creative Health Course

Date: Sunday October 27th 2019

Columbia Hotel
95-99 Lancaster Gate
London, W2 3NS

Cost: £125/£150

Meet the Walk your Talk Retreats Team

Vanessa Tucker teacher

Vanessa Tucker

I started Walk Your Talk retreats to support people to move forward in their lives, answer their calling and discover their story of greatness. It all developed from my personal healing journey of transformation. Read Vanessa's journey of transformation here.


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