Margaret’s Experience

Margarets testimonials retreat

It’s been an amazing week, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Hopefully it’s been a life changing experience for me.

Kayleigh’s Experience

Kayleighs testimonial

This has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life, I’ve learnt to love myself and care for myself…

Patricia’s Experience

Patricias testimonial

I’m really impressed with the course it has been much more involved and interesting than I thought it would be, I’ve learnt a lot. Mano and Vanessa are really knowledgable and they look after you…

Naomi’s Experience

Naomis testimonial

The people here at the retreat are amazing, the food is amazing, the weather is amazing.

Caroline’s Experience

Carolines testimonial

It’s a safe and happy port to anchor your boat, to get it checked over and to sail on and achieve your dreams of the future…

Louise’s Experience

Louise's testimonial

I wanted some kind of spiritual experience, I wanted to be enlightened, I wanted to love myself, and I got all of that and more…

Pat’s Experience

Pat's testimonial

I came here on holiday with no real issues and Mano and Vanessa made me think about myself and it’s been an amazing experience. I recommend this experience to absolutely anyone…

Craig’s Second Experience

Craig's testimonial

I’m just an ordinary guy that works hard and sometimes a helping hand is just what you need to overcome your obstacles. And Walk Your Talk Retreats has done just that for me…

Craig’s Experience

walk your talk retreats testimonial

You read about magical people, magical places but you don’t think they exist, I never thought something like that existed, or people like these existed, but they do.