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Let Go & Live workshop

Let the Let go and Live workshop be your launch-pad to take back your power, tell a new story, heal yourself and uncover your truth.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu.

This one-day workshop is a kick-start to letting go of all the drains, pains and everyday worries that attach themselves to us, shackle us up and stop us from living fully.

It’s an attitude to life that puts a song into your breathe!

Why choose the Let Go and Live One-day Workshop

Choose this workshop if you have a busy life and would benefit from pressing pause for a moment, relaxing deeply and taking some time out for you. Let the powerful releasing process of this programme unfold its magic leaving you nurtured, empowered and ready for your next journey.
"Vanessa uses her huge range of techniques to introduce you to doors of potential within and guides you through them in a supportive and wise way. I loved doing the different types of meditation." Anna, Devon

Workshop details:

In this first step to living our truth we playfully explore our views of our beliefs and ourselves. We will create a relaxing and creative space to accept what is, what has been and what will be, realising the magic of our own power. We will intuitively generate personal strategies to overcome the constant pressure to be better, have more, and do more; effectively releasing time constraints, struggle and weight, whilst effortlessly forming new ways of seeing. We will use meditation and shamanic journey to discover your deepest needs and integrate them with practical and psychological techniques leaving you feeling open-hearted, joyful and whole.

Many of us find it difficult to give to ourselves, yet eagerly give ourselves away to work, kids, family and friends until there is little left of us that we recognise. If you want to get to know yourself, move forward from feeling stuck and love life again; this workshop will provide you with the tools for doing just that. I wholly encourage you to take the first step, nurture yourself. If not now, when?
Where & When:
Arrive 9.45 am for 10 am start, 5 pm finish. Please bring a notepad and pen, comfortable clothing , cushion/blanket and lunch. Tea and coffee provided. I look forward seeing you there.
Let Go & Live workshop
Date: TBC
Location: Liberty House, Launceston PL15 8BD Cornwall
Cost: £50

Meet the Walk your Talk Retreats Team

Vanessa Tucker teacher

Vanessa Tucker

I started Walk Your Talk retreats to support people to move forward in their lives, answer their calling and discover their story of greatness. It all developed from my personal healing journey of transformation. Read Vanessa's journey of transformation here.


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